Взломенное видео для iphone 3g, немного прошагал пока не генерал мп3

As we all know, when Apple released iPhone OS 3.0, it only allowed iPhone 3GS hardware to record and share video. Original (2G) iPhone owners and those. Jun 24, 2010 Q: Iphone 3G slow after update to IOS4. The upgrade to IOS4 took forever but eventualy was completed succesfully. But the iphone is very slow. Jun 19, 2009 Here's a question: If you're building a video-capable successor to the wildly successful iPhone 3G and you choose new hardware that supports. Mar 20, 2009 This is a complete guide to installing the iPhone Video Recorder on your iPhone 3G, which also works on the First Generation iPhone.

Dec 12, 2016 iOS streams movies and audio using HTTP over EDGE, 3G, and Wi-Fi networks. iOS uses a native application to play back video even when.

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